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We’re here for you.

We care and are committed to helping you, our communities, and our associates. We have implemented several enhancements to ensure we are available when you need us. Bookmark this page to keep up with COVID-19 related updates.

Notice to Life and Long Term Care Policyholders

If you have been impacted by COVID-19 and have questions/concerns about premium payment, contact us. Our hours of contact are 8:30 am to 6 pm ET Monday through Thursday and 9 am to 6 pm ET on Friday.

Contact Information

Life insurance:

Long term care insurance:

Group LTC policy or certificate holders should call their Account Executive, or billing statement phone number.

Submit a LTC Insurance Claim Document

Genworth cares about our customers and their loved ones. That is why we have pulled together helpful resources to help you navigate some common situations that you may experience while social distancing during the COVID-19 breakout.

Long distance caregiving can become even more challenging in times like these. That’s why we created this checklist to help family caregivers.

We have implemented a plan to help reduce the risk of exposure and transmission among our employees and allow us to continue to provide service to our policyholders and customers.

Caregiving in COVID-19

See the results of Genworth’s consumer sentiment survey about how the pandemic has affected many emotionally and financially.

A message from Genworth’s Chief Medical Officer regarding COVID-19

As a father, husband, son, and co-worker, it is important for me to protect my family, the Genworth family and my community. Education and awareness are key. Following provides answers to some questions that can help keep you informed and safe.


COVID-19 Fraud Update

Our dedicated Special Investigations Unit (SIU) focuses on investigating fraudulent claims activity. As we adjust our claims procedures during this crisis, the SIU will continue to investigate fraudulent behavior, keeping watch for new scams perpetrated by those seeking to take advantage of the current environment. By preventing fraud from occurring, we are preserving funds that can be used to pay legitimate claims. Additionally, as we identify COVID-19 fraud related schemes, the SIU will issue communications to help empower our policyholders and claimants so they do not fall victim to these scams. Please read more on our COVID-19 Fraud page.

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