These Are The People You Need To Talk To About Long Term Care

To plan a secure future for your loved ones, start the conversation today.

There’s no question about it. Broaching the topic of long term care needs is hard. Starting an open and honest conversation with those listed below will help you create a plan that covers everyone’s wishes for the future.

People that matter in your long term care decisions:

Spouse or Partner: Openly discuss your vision for your future since your individual choices may affect one another. Download our Spouse Brochure - how to talk with your spouse about long term care PDF opens in new window to get tips on how to start this conversation.

Children: Share your wishes and goals for future years and create a roadmap together.

Parents: Start a conversation with your parents to help understand how and where they’d like receive care as they age. Download our Let's Talk Parent Brochure - how to talk to your parents about long term care PDF opens in new window for suggestions.

Siblings: Connect over the phone or in person to make sure everyone is on the page about how and where parents or loved ones plan to receive care if needed.

Friends: Talking to friends about their own plans for the future can help educate you as you make your own decisions.

Financial Professional: Getting insight from a third party that knows your broader financial picture can help alleviate the stress of decision-making among family members alone.

Attorney: Legal guidance can help with important documents for later in life, such as power of attorney forms, a last will and testament, and a living will.

Having a long term care plan in place will provide you and the people you love with a clear understanding of how everyone plans to live their lives on their own terms for as long as they live.

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