Employee Commitment

The Johnson Group

Employees are at the heart of Genworth's community involvement. They are the everyday champions behind our promises. Our employees generously donate their time and funds to support nonprofit organizations and community projects around the world.   

Global month of service

While we strive to make a difference throughout the whole year, employees come together each June for our Global Month of Service. Reaching out and giving back to our communities is a unifying experience that connects employees from around the world for one common goal: to make a difference!

Skills-Based volunteering 

We believe one of the best ways to help a nonprofit is by utilizing the business skills and expertise of our employees to help organizations in our communities be more effective. Through skills-based volunteering, our employees can help nonprofits by offering their technical skills for activities such as creating a budget or financial plan, developing a marketing campaign, or facilitating strategic planning.

Employee giving programs

In addition to giving back with talent, we also help provide direct investments in our communities through employee giving programs. The Genworth Foundation increases the giving power of employees and retirees by matching donations to qualifying organizations, as well as providing grants in support of their volunteer service.

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