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flag Smarter Mortgage Insurance

SmarterMI.com by Genworth Financial seeks to educate consumers about quality mortgage insurance and steps they can take to achieve and protect homeownership.

flag Genworth Canada Making Homeownership Easier

Genworth's online resource, Homeownership.ca, helps Canadians build their knowledge of the homebuying process and make their homeownership experience an informed and responsible one. Our intention is to educate and provide useful information to consumers, homeowners and future first-time homebuyers. We believe it's essential that Canadians have all the information they need to make informed decisions about homeownership, which for many is the most important investment of their lifetime.

flag Streets Ahead: Genworth Homebuyer Confidence Index for Australia
March 2013

The Streets Ahead report is released biannually and discusses the results of the Genworth Homebuyer Confidence Index. The report surveys over 2000 existing and potential homebuyers on their own mortgage and market sentiments. 

flag Home Grown: Mortgage Industry Perspectives for Australia
November 2012

The Home Grown: Mortgage Industry Perspectives report, presents the findings of a mortgage market study, that comprised a quantitative survey of people working for lending institutions and mortgage brokers and five in-depth roundtables with participants from a range of lender segments held around Australia. This research has been combined to create a comprehensive overview of the opinions of lenders, brokers and industry figures towards the mortgage market in terms of credit demand, channels, affordability, and innovation.

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flag RP Data Property Capital Markets Report
March 2012

Genworth is a co-sponsor of the RP Data Capital Markets Report, which includes insightful analysis on current economic conditions and the Australian mortgage market.

flag The 2011 Winter Metropolitan Condo Outlook: Canada
Winter 2011

This report from The Conference Board of Canada and Genworth Financial Canada offers an in-depth analysis of the condominium market for eight large Canadian census metropolitan areas (CMAs). The main goal of this publication is to analyze the recent trends in the condo market in each of the eight CMAs, as well as where each of the eight markets is heading over the next five years.

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International Mortgage Trends Report
June 2011

The International Mortgage Trends Report by Genworth Financial, with independent research conducted by RFI, is a new global survey of current and aspiring homebuyers aimed at gaining local insight into key world markets. More than 9,000 respondents across five continents in eight countries were interviewed.

flag A Better Way to Homeownership: Canada
Spring 2011

A Better Way to Homeownership is a semi-annual publication that promises to help you with homebuying basics such as understanding your down payment options, maintaining good credit and staying on budget.

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flag Foreclosure Prevention Scorecards: United States
March 2011

The Foreclosure Prevention Scorecard for the United States examines state-by-state trends in Genworth's homeowner assistance efforts.

flag The Financial Barriers to Homeownership in the United Kingdom
October 2010

The collapse in the availability of mortgages requiring only a small deposit is now the largest single barrier facing people aspiring to home ownership. This paper examines the extent and characteristics of this new market barrier, and indicates policy options that could help to restore the ability of first time buyers to become home owners without having to provide a substantial deposit.

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flag The Autumn 2010 Metropolitan Housing Outlook: Canada
Fall 2010

This report provides an in-depth analysis of the housing market at the national, provincial, and metropolitan levels. Covering a wide range of housing market statistics, such as interest rates, housing starts, mortgage approvals, and home prices, this report connects the economy with housing market activity. It also provides insights into the financial situation of consumers.

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flag Genworth Financial Canada: First-Time Homebuyer's Monitor
May 2010

The Genworth Financial Canada First-Time Homebuyer’s Monitor measures both the financial and psychological factors of homeownership and provides insights into the link between homeownership and personal fulfillment. The national survey of 2,521 Canadians was conducted between April 24 and May 4.

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flag Restore the Dream: United States
May 2009

Genworth U.S. Mortgage Insurance is constantly compiling and studying vast amounts of economic data, which helps guide our prudent decisions in home loan underwriting. As a public service, we are making this information available to keep you informed on the latest housing market issues.

The European Forum: The Mortgage Market Digest
Spring 2009

As the financial crisis continues, many homeowners across Europe are struggling to meet their mortgage obligations and many may well end up relying on support from government schemes. In the report, we examine exactly what support is available in the UK, Ireland, Spain and Italy.

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flag The 2007 Irish Mortgage Market
September 2007

This report reviews the development of the Irish housing market and the consequent growth in the mortgage market in 2007. It examines future prospects for the mortgage market and highlights where the key vulnerabilities in the system might be in the event of an unanticipated economic or financial shock. It also examines the nature of ‘mortgage insurance’ and highlights the clear role that it could play in the future evolution of the market.