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flag Genworth 2015 Cost of Care Survey April 2015

For twelve consecutive years, Genworth has surveyed the cost of long term care across the United States. The Cost of Care data has helped Americans appropriately plan for the potential need of long term care in their preferred location and setting. Genworth's 2015 Cost of Care Survey, conducted by CareScout®, is the most comprehensive survey of its kind and covers over 14,800 long term care providers in 440 regions nationwide.

Life Let's Talk May 2014

You're more important than you think.  Have you started the conversation of protecting what you love?  Let's Talk will help you take the first step.

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LTC Let's Talk September 2013

Have you discussed each other's wishes and plans to live as fully as possible?  Don't wait.  Take the time to talk.

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Life Let's Talk March 2013

Let's Talk is a way of encouraging you to have those important coversations and provides you some tools to help.

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The Consumer Security and Vulnerability Index 1st Quarter, 2013

This is the fifth edition of the "Genworth Index". This edition of the Index tracks consumer financial security and vulnerability in 14 countries in Europe, five in Latin America, as well as China, in a survey of over 13,000 households.

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Getting Over the Gap - Insights on Life Insurance Coverage in the U.S. October 2012

Genworth's 2012 LifeJacket Study reveals that many U.S. adults may have insufficient life insurance coverage. In today's tough economic reality this "coverage gap" grew by a million people in just a year. Getting Over the Gap explores this challenge in more detail and highlights which groups have the best opportunities to enhance their protection.

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Life Insurance Calculator 2011

Use the Life Insurance Calculator to help you determine the amount of life insurance coverage you'll need to help secure your family's financial future.

Life Insurance Budget Calculator 2011

Use the Life Insurance Budget Calculator to see how life insurance can have a big impact on your family's financial security.

Let's Talk about Long Term Care January 2011

Let’s Talk is a set of useful tools and conversations that can make a difference for individuals planning for long term care. The report addresses having these difficult conversations with loved ones and how to plan accordingly.

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flag Planning for Long Term Care November 2010

Genworth, in collaboration with Age Wave, the nation’s preeminent authority on retirement and the aging of America, launched a study called “Our Family, Our Future: The Heart of Long Term Care Planning.” This study is a comprehensive exploration of the hopes, worries, and needs of families regarding their lifetime health and financial independence and identifies steps to help achieve a financial sense of security.

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My Money, My FutureSM Program November 2010

My Money, My FutureSM is an educational initiative designed to help students and teachers better understand personal finance and economics, while supporting the use of cutting-edge technology in the classroom as a powerful teaching tool.

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Let's Talk about Life November 2010

Let’s Talk is a set of useful tools and conversations that help individuals who are evaluating their need for life insurance. The report addresses dealing with life’s big decisions and tips and insights for handling those situations.

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flag Anglo-Flexicurity: Insuring Against Unemployment in the UK 05/01/2009

Findings from the report show that an opportunity exists to improve the support that workers receive between jobs by taking a fresh look at products, such as Payment Protection Insurance. One of the options for doing this would be to develop a system similar to that in Denmark, known as Flexicurity and to automatically enroll new workers into insurance schemes through their employer.


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