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flag Genworth 2014 Cost of Care Survey April 2014

For eleven consecutive years, Genworth has surveyed the cost of long term care across the United States. The Cost of Care data has helped Americans appropriately plan for the potential need of long term care in their preferred location and setting. Genworth's 2014 Cost of Care Survey, conducted by CareScout®, is the most comprehensive survey of its kind and covers over 14,800 long term care providers in 440 regions nationwide.

The Future of Retirement Income - Seeing the Future October 2013

Is it possible to predict the future? When it comes to retirement, our research shows most people cannot. Genworth's new The Future of Retirement Income study delves into people's perceptions about retirement and reveals the accuracy of their predictions.

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Let's Talk - Retirement Income July 2012

Let's Talk is a way of encouraging you to have those important coversations and provides you some tools to help.

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Navigating Volatility by Combining Diverse Investment Approaches 2012

Starting from the premise that emotionally-driven investing is not an effective way to navigate volatile markets, in this paper we investigate some sources of volatility and its impact on portfolio results. Armed with this information, we then propose a strategy for potentially improving the investor experience across bull and bear markets.

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Diversifying Portfolios for Early 21st Century Markets 2011

In this brief paper we discuss the rise in correlations between equity markets and many other asset classes globally, the challenges that this development has presented for asset allocation, and suggested methods to help protect investment portfolios going forward.

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Let's Talk About Long Term Care January 2011

Let’s Talk is a set of useful tools and conversations that can make a difference for individuals planning for long term care. The report addresses having these difficult conversations with loved ones and how to plan accordingly.

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flag Planning for Long Term Care November 2010

Genworth, in collaboration with Age Wave, the nation’s preeminent authority on retirement and the aging of America, launched a study called “Our Family, Our Future: The Heart of Long Term Care Planning.” This study is a comprehensive exploration of the hopes, worries, and needs of families regarding their lifetime health and financial independence and identifies steps to achieve a financial sense of security.

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Plan for Retirement Tool June 2010

Use this interactive tool to help you prepare for the retirement you want.

Let's Talk About Retirement June 2010

Let's Talk is a set of useful tools and conversations that can make a difference for individuals planning for retirement. The report addresses dealing with life's big decisions and tips and insights for handling those situations.

flag America Talks: Protecting Our Families' Financial Futures March 2010

Genworth Financial and Age Wave launched a national survey with Harris Interactive to understand how people are planning for their families' financial futures today.

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Financial Literacy: Sailing and Rowing 2010

The Sailing and Rowing educational video series help financial advisors guide their clients through “navigating” a sound investment strategy.


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