College and Career Experience

Genworth empowers employees throughout their early careers by placing them in complementary internship and career development programs.  Each of our United States based development programs and internships provide opportunities for training and development through continuous mentoring and feedback.


Internships are an excellent way to prepare for a new career.  Our Genworth Summer Internship Program is a 12-week intensive paid internship that gives college students the experience and networking skills that are essential for building a successful future.  In addition to our summer internships, Genworth also offers part-time internships during the regularly scheduled academic calendar year.  These internships allow students to gain valuable experience while attending school full-time.

Full-time rotational programs

Genworth's Full-time Rotational Programs are tailored to teach the core business and technical skills necessary for a successful career.  These full-time rotational programs are focused on Finance, Information Technology and Actuarial Science.

Early career experience

Every day is a learning experience.  In order to accelerate the adjustment curve at Genworth, we provide our new employees with continuous mentoring and feedback on their work performance.  We understand that learning is a process, and we want to give you challenging opportunities to enable your personal and professional development.

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