Early Career Experience

Every day is a learning experience.  In order to accelerate the adjustment curve at Genworth, we provide our new employees with continuous mentoring and feedback on their work performance.  We understand that learning is a process, and we want to provide you with challenging opportunities to enable your personal and professional development.  One of the first training experiences for all program members is to attend Networking 101, which teaches the intangibles of how to network and develop a personal board of directors.


Throughout the rest of the early career stages, new employees can expect to be embedded as part of a collegial, talented team dedicated to making a meaningful difference in the lives of our customers, our communities, and one another.  We believe that camaraderie allows employees to be accountable for their work and also creates a more rewarding employment experience.  Being in a team-oriented environment also exposes new employees to some of Genworth's top professionals, who are also active sponsors of the development programs and offer one-on-one mentoring.  


During Genworth's Development and Internship Programs, members will receive feedback during the mid and end points of each assignment as well as throughout the course of the program.  Additionally, members participate in Genworth’s annual Performance Development Review, which serves as an internal resume and is the key to growth opportunities that will build a successful career at Genworth.

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