Let's Talk - Long Term Care

Start a conversation that matters

Do you know what matters most to those you care about? And do
they know what matters to you? Have you discussed each other's
wishes and plans to live as fully as possible? Having a conversation
about long term care can be difficult. Learn how to take the first
step with "Let's Talk" advice, tips and tools.

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The gameplan for your talk

The gameplan for your talk

Follow these tips and guidelines for a constructive conversation.

Let's Talk Resources

Let's Talk Resources to help guide the way

Here are many resources available that can help you get a conversation started. Visit the Resource page for additional Let's Talk material.

Why you should plan now

Why you should plan now

It's never too soon to talk about planning for long term care.  Being prepared may mean less stress and fewer regrets.  Begin planning now.

2015 Cost of Care

Take the
guesswork out
of long term care

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