Talking to Loved Ones

Preparing for future Long Term Care needs, 
it’s a win – win conversation

Talking to a loved one about big issues like aging, money, health and end-of-life care can be awkward. But waiting is risky and we find ourselves in the midst of a crisis when it’s hard to think straight. Having honest conversations now lets you know what your parents or loved ones want, and can help ensure that they live life on their terms and as fully as possible. When you know what matters most to those you care about, you can engage accordingly – making changes if necessary now and more informed decisions in the future. Even a couple of hours today can save your family years of regret later.

"Let's Talk"

When you say, “Let’s talk”, the underlying message is, “I want to know what you think. I am here for you.” When you say, “Let’s talk,” what you are really saying is, “I care.” Do it gradually if possible, and be respectful. Aging happens to us all. Let’s help the people we love by listening, talking and planning ahead today.

Who should talk?

Everyone. The right plan involves the entire family, and a sharing of responsibilities. But adult kids often aren’t sure it’s their place to bring up a subject that might upset or offend their parents. For many, the idea of opening up this conversation feels awkward or like taking over, perhaps even disrespectful. Nothing could be farther from the truth.

Don't wait.

Talk with your parents. Talk with your spouse or partner. Talk with your siblings.

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Download the "Let's Talk" Magazine

Download the Let's Talk Magazine

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