Medicaid and long term care coverage

Medicaid is the government-funded program that pays nursing home care only for individuals who are low income and who have spent most of their assets.

What does Medicaid cover?

Medicaid pays for nearly a third of all nursing home care in the U.S., but many people who need long term care never qualify for Medicaid assistance.2 Medicaid recipients may also be required to pay for nursing home care out of their own funds and "spend down" their income until they are eligible for Medicaid.

Covering the gap

Medicaid may not be an appropriate solution for you. Long term care insurance can provide more choices and gives you the flexibility to meet your long term care needs. See how Genworth can provide a comprehensive long term care insurance policy.

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*Individual stories and quotes are fictitious and are used for demonstrative purposes only.

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2 "A Shopper’s Guide to Long-Term Care Insurance", published by National Association of Insurance Commissioners, December 2013.

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I never thought I could afford insurance for long term care. But when I considered what funding care myself could cost, insurance was really the affordable, sensible approach.*

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Did you know?

$10.7 Billion: Total Claims paid by Genworth's long term care insurance business since 19741.

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