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How much could long term care insurance cost?

The cost of long term care insurance will depend on the coverage you choose. Your premium is based in part on your age, the length of time you want to be covered for care, your health, the elimination period, and the maximum dollar amount you will be reimbursed for care. This long term care insurance calculator will give you an annual premium estimate to gauge the potential cost of long term care insurance coverage.

This calculator provides estimates only and is for illustrative purposes. Premiums shown are not guaranteed. If you have any questions, contact an agent/producer or call 1-866-469-7902.

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*Individual stories and quotes are fictitious and are used for demonstrative purposes only.

Long Term Care Insurance is underwritten by Genworth Life Insurance Company, Richmond, VA

This is a solicitation of insurance for policy form series 8000R1 and 8001R1. Policy form number may be followed by the state's two letter abbreviation, for example, 8000R1DE. Not all policies are available in all states. Details about the cost, benefits, limitations and exclusions of these long term care insurance policies will be provided to you by a licensed insurance agent/producer. When you respond, an insurance agent/producer will contact you.


I have great major medical, but that won't help much if I need long term care. I need to look for a way to fund care that won't mean tapping into my savings.*

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Choice is a wonderful thing. See where long term care insurance stacks up against other types of long term care funding.

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