Planning for Long Term Care

Fitting long term care into your retirement plans

Chances are you've spent considerable time planning your retirement. An early start on planning for long term care may help you to live comfortably later in life. You deserve assurance that you may not have to use your hard-earned savings to afford long term care, so planning for that is important, too.

The cost of long term care rises every year. You may be able to take advantage of the funding options available to help cover long term care needs.

To jump-start your long term care plans, review the following:

The cost of long term care in {STATE} is constantly increasing. Consider how much long term care will cost 30 years from now in {STATE} and start planning today.

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There is more than one way to fund long term care. Explore which option may be right for you.

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Long term care insurance may be an option to help you and your loved ones pay for long term care. See how much a long term care policy may cost.

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When it comes to long term care, planning is an important step. Call 1-866-469-7902 or meet with a licensed insurance agent/producer.

*Individual stories and quotes are fictitious and are used for demonstrative purposes only.

Long Term Care Insurance is underwritten by Genworth Life Insurance Company, Richmond, VA

This is a solicitation of insurance for policy form series 7052, 8000 or 8001. Policy form number may be followed by the state's two letter abbreviation, for example, 8000DE, 8000GA, 8000ID, 8000NC, 8000OK, 7052OR or 8000OR, 8000PA, 8000SC, 8000TN, 8000WA, 8000WY. Not all policies are available in all states. Details about the cost, benefits, limitations and exclusion of these long term care insurance policies will be provided to you by a licensed insurance agent/producer. By responding, an insurance agent/producer will contact you.


It's reassuring to know I can help protect myself against the financial impact of potential long term care costs. You have to talk about the tough stuff before it happens.*

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