Immediate Need Annuity

It’s not too late to plan for long term care.

You didn’t get long term care insurance, but like 70% of people over 65,1 now you need some form of long term care. Health insurance doesn’t cover it. Nor do Medicare and Medicaid for the most part. Your family has their own financial obligations. That’s where an underwritten immediate need annuity can come into play.

Harold's Story

Learn how an immediate need annuity helped alleviate stress for Harold and his whole family during his years in assisted living.

What is an immediate need annuity?

It provides you with monthly income that can be used for any purposes without limitation. Income begins immediately and there are no claims to file and no on-going health evaluations.

Income for life. Guaranteed.

Once the need for long term care starts, no one can predict how long it will last or how much it will cost. The unknown expense is a huge source of stress not only for those receiving care, but their families. With an immediate need annuity, you don’t have to worry about outliving your money because the monthly payments continue for the length of your life.

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