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Buying life insurance: It starts here.

Do your homework.

If you've come this far through our site, odds are you're now familiar with some of the different types of life insurance you can buy.

And now you're probably familiar with our online life insurance calculator, which can help you get a good idea of the amount of coverage you'll want to have.

If you're interested enough to speak to a financial professional about buying life insurance, please contact one to receive a free life insurance quote.

None of that is binding - we don't require you to buy a life insurance policy to speak to a specialist - but it's important to speak directly with someone when you're making this kind of decision, if only so you can get your questions answered in detail.

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How does it work?

After you've asked to speak to a financial professional, we'll have one of them (a life insurance agent or broker) contact you. This'll be the kind of financial professional who can give you the information you need and propose a life insurance policy based on the questions that you've answered on this site.

So feel free to ask questions about life insurance in general or about our policies in particular.

If you decide to purchase a life insurance policy, your financial professional is your main point of contact. He (or she) is the person you'll talk to about changes to or updates on your policy.

Again, if you're interested in buying life insurance, we can put you in touch with a life insurance specialist to receive a free life insurance quote.

Find life insurance coverage that's right for you with the options you want.

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10 Questions that will help you understand your life insurance needs

that will help you
understand your life
insurance needs

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