Caregiving Support

Caregiver Support Services help family caregivers identify options and find local resources to meet their needs.

Caring for a loved one can be a very special part of your life. But there are times when even caregivers need a hand. For over 35 years, Genworth has been helping people with their long term care needs and has helped thousands of families learn about long term care options and local resources as they navigate long term events. As the market leader in long term care insurance, Genworth has more than one million policyholders and has provided benefits and care coordination to thousands of policyholders on claim.

Caregiving support services can help you:

  • Assess care needs
  • Create a suggested care plan
  • Identify local care providers such as home care agencies, assisted living facilities and adult day care
  • Negotiate for discounts on care
  • Locate public resources that might supplement paid caregiving

For Genworth Long Term Care Insurance policyholders

If you are a policyholder, you may be eligible for benefits that support you as a family caregiver, as described in your policy. If you are a policyholder who becomes eligible for benefit payments, your claim experience may include a long term care plan and care coordination services. Contact Genworth at 888.436.9678 to learn more.

For long term care providers

If you are a long term care provider, Genworth invites you to enroll in the SmartMatchSM Provider Program.

Providers do not pay to be part of Genworth’s database or to be enrolled in the SmartMatch Program. CareScout, part of the Genworth family of companies, administers the Provider Program and provides a service offering beyond traditional insurance solutions to seniors and their families.

Learn more about the Provider Program or if you are already enrolled and wish to update your profile information, please visit the Provider Portal.

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