The Effects of Caregiving

In many families, it’s assumed that caregiving for an older adult will be provided by a younger family member. While the experience of caregiving can be rewarding for some, the physical, financial, emotional, and psychological strain of caregiving can have wide-reaching impact on the family and friends of caregivers.

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Infographic of caregiver's demographics and why care recipients are getting younger

Negative Impact on Caregivers

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Health & Well-Being


High Levels of Stress


Health and Well-Being


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Paying for care with their own savings/retirement funds


Reducing the base quality of living


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Reported repeated absences


Missed career opportunities


Benefits of Planning

The Beyond Dollars research PDF. Opens in a new window has shown that having a long-term care plan, whether it was a long-term care insurance policy or simply a plan to handle care if needed, could have helped alleviate some of the emotional, financial and physical stress of what can often be a difficult situation.

Even among those who had prepared, two out of three people wish they had taken steps sooner. In hindsight, over 75% caregivers and recipients would have done things differently.

"Start looking years before you have the need-know what is available- know when the move is appropriate- know all the financial help available."

- Caregiver, Daughter

Beyond Dollars Study 2018

Are you one of the millions of caregivers wondering about the toll caregiving takes on your health, your family life, and your career? Our latest research findings will be a powerful reminder that you're not alone.

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