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Genworth's Commitment to Our Policyholders

Genworth is making a difference in the lives of our policyholders that have experienced a long term care event. On average, Genworth pays $8.8 million* in benefits every business day. Should you become eligible to receive covered benefits under your policy, we want to assure you that we are fully committed to being there for you beyond the monetary value of your policy.

We make every effort to make the claims process as easy as possible, while adhering to policy provisions and claims procedures. We have a highly personalized claims process including:

  • Prompt decision on your claim; most claims are decided within 30 days

  • A functional assessment of your care needs by licensed health care professionals so that an appropriate Plan of Care can be developed and

  • Assignment of a dedicated Senior Claim Representative to work with you or your legally authorized representative(s) throughout the entire claim period.

We also offer our policyholders, at no additional charge, assistance with identifying licensed facilities and home health care agencies in your local area. In addition, if you request, we can conduct a facility inquiry, before you enter the facility, to assess whether the facility has the appropriate license to receive benefits under your policies.

From respectful, empathetic claims-handling to helpful care coordination, Genworth is there when our policyholders need us most.


Billion in benefits paid*


Youngest Claimant*


Oldest Claimant*

* Long Term Care Claims Experience Data for Genworth Life Insurance Company and Affiliates – December 1974 through December 31, 2022

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