Let's Talk: Conversations That Make A Difference

Give your loved ones the confidence of knowing they will always be cared for.

Aging and the potential need for long term care are sensitive topics for everyone and it’s never too soon to start planning. Gathering information and having a conversation with your loved ones now doesn’t just help them make an informed decision. It’s a powerful reminder of how much you care.

When you decide to broach the topic, make sure it’s a time when everybody involved is relaxed and open to the conversation. You’ll want to ask questions and gently guide the conversation so your intentions of ensuring your loved ones are taken care of shines through. Here are some things you’ll want to note:

Who are the key people the conversation should include?

You’ll want to modify your approach based on whom you’re talking to. This can include your spouse or partner, children, parents, and friends.

Lifestyle choices:

Discuss what would be ideal for you and your loved one(s), and what might be possible in the future to maintain independent living.

Long term care solutions:

Be aware of the available options and costs involved and consider narrowing down the options based on how realistic they are.

What is already in place in terms of legal documents and insurance?

Is an up-to-date will, living will, and power of attorney already filed and secured with a family attorney? If not, a legal professional can provide their expertise so you have everything in place.

It will be worthwhile to know what financial resources are available and how they can be best utilized in the future. A financial professional could be helpful.

There is a lot of ground to cover when planning for long term care, so this will likely be an ongoing conversation. Download the brochure; it covers a variety of topics and questions about long term care planning. This will serve as a helpful guide for starting this talk early. By encouraging ongoing dialogue, you will be able to make informed decisions and know your loved ones will always be cared for.

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