Customer Service Contacts

Customer Service Contacts

At Genworth, we are committed to safeguarding your personal information. We invite you to e-mail us with your comments and questions on general topics related to your policy or contract; however, please DO NOT e-mail us confidential information, such as policy numbers or social security numbers. Additionally, under no circumstances will we accept financial or non-financial transactions (including address changes, premium payments, cancellations, etc.) through e-mail.

If you have policy/contract specific inquiries, you may contact us at: 888 GENWORTH (888.436.9678), Monday – Thursday 8:30 AM – 6 PM ET, Friday 9 AM – 6 PM ET. We look forward to assisting you.

For service and policy questions

Fixed Annuities:
Phone: 800.221.9501 Fax: 800.350.2038

Immediate Annuities:
Phone: 888.322.4629 Fax: 800.350.2038

Variable Annuities:
Phone: 800.352.9910 Fax: 800.350.2038

Life Insurance:
Phone: 888.325.5433 Fax: 888.325.3299

Long Term Care:
Phone: 800.456.7766 Fax: 800.876.8220

Total Living Coverage®:
Phone: 866.446.9852 Fax: 888.296.1081

Mortgage Insurance:
Phone: 800.444.5664 Fax: 800.592.4434

Medicare Supplement*:
Phone: 877.825.9337 Fax: 727.373.4549*

* Medicare supplement is administered by Aetna Life Insurance Company and its affiliates.

Financial Professionals: Go to Genworth PRO to register, login and sell Genworth products or call
800.404.2956 for assistance.

Security Reminder. Genworth will never ask you to provide, update or verify personal account information through unsolicited email. Learn more.

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