Care Funding

Start planning today to live life on your terms tomorrow.

The fear about aging is not having enough money to pay for care. We help millions of people and their families fund the care they need, how and where they want.

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Long Term Care Insurance

Health insurance doesn’t pay for long term care expenses, like help with bathing, getting dressed, or getting from place to place. Nor, for the most part, does Medicare. Medicaid has eligibility requirements. Long term care insurance can help.

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Immediate Need Annuity

Even if you didn’t plan for long term care needs in advance, it’s not too late. Your existing savings can be converted into an immediate need annuity which guarantees income you can’t outlive.

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Group LTC Insurance

Discover a comprehensive program for employers. Our voluntary group programs are available to employers with 500+ eligible employees. Employer-paid coverage is available for groups of 150 or more.

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What is Long Term Care?

7 out of 10 people will need care with basic activities like bathing, feeding themselves, or getting dressed. Learn1 more about what long term care is and how it could affect you.

1. 2018 U.S Department of Health and Human Services (, 08/29/18

Understanding Medicare & Medicaid
If you think these programs will seamlessly provide for your long term care needs, think again. Get the facts now about what is and isn’t covered.



The Cost of Care Survey
The cost of care varies by where, how, and how much care you receive. Find out the actual average cost of long term care where you live. 


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