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Global Learning & Development

The Global Learning & Development team offers our employees opportunities to grow and develop in and out of the classroom. In addition to helping our employees with their training, leadership, and development needs, we also partner with various learning and development companies to help our employees drive their business performance.

What we do

Build organizational capability and employee engagement by enhancing:

Business Acumen by ensuring employees have a deep understanding of our industry, business, and customers, as well as applying that knowledge in their role.

Technical Skills by supporting specific courses, continuing education and designations necessary for our technical professionals to maintain the most current information for their area of expertise.

Interpersonal Skills by providing an environment where employees can share their expertise in a manner that is timely, easily understood, and fosters their role as a trusted advisor to our business leaders.

Leadership and Professional Development capabilities that empower employees to create and execute on their development plans to be the most effective in their role and impactful to the business.

Learning Technology to make learning and development activities more flexible, global, cost effective, and engaging.

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Why we do it

The pace of change in the marketplace has accelerated from fast to almost instantaneous. Genworth’s success is dependent on our response to that change. We have committed to developing our employees because these changes in the marketplace require new competencies.

This desire to build further “change resilience” requires a reinvigorated leadership focus on growing our employees’ capabilities and enhancing processes that drive development. It requires that our employees embrace the need to regularly evaluate their own knowledge and skill sets. We have a history of valuing employee development at Genworth that is evident at every level in the organization.

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How we do it

Strategic Business Partnerships with Genworth functions, businesses, human resources managers, and talent development leaders.

Expert Skills in group process facilitation, classroom instruction, and organizational effectiveness.

Advanced Knowledge of training needs analysis, design, and development.

First Class Training for administration and facilities roles.

Expert Collaboration and communication.

Key Partnerships with learning and development companies.

Employee Engagement Survey conducted on an ongoing basis to monitor employee satisfaction.

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